Apple Watch 3 Release Date And Specs

Apple Watch 3 is Apple’s new products that people have been anticipating due to its interesting features. With finally we leave 2016 and welcome the 2017, there will be the latest gadgets arriving to please those Apple fans. The iPhone 8 is rumored to arrive and what specs it will have, but its final design was not announced by Apple. New iMac, Mac Minis and Mac Pros are expected to be released this year. But, Apple Watch 3 Release Date is the most expected by most of them.

Apple Watch 3 Release Date Predictions

Apple Watch 3 Release Date

Apple Watch 3

April 24, 2015 is the release date for the first-gen Apple Watch and it got its popularity in the market since then. In September 2016, Apple Watch 2 the second updated version followed. The Apple Watch 2 is more than a smart watch as it boasted innovative and functional features. Integrated GPS, internal upgrades, and a waterproof design are some of its advantages. Performance and functionality are boosted with the WatchOS 3 update.

The Apple Watch 3 is a much better version to be released shortly because of the warm welcome of the current edition Apple watches from the users. However, the exact Apple Watch 3 Release Date remains unknown. The new watch is expected to starts at $269 the same price with the current models and it will be released in September 2017. However, since in 2016 there is previously price hike that, the new watch should cost more. Unfortunately, Apple has not release any official details about the watch, so there should be an almost identical watch compared to the current version.

Apple Watch 3 Specs

Apple Watch 3 specs

Apple Watch 3 specs

You can expect to see a front camera on the Apple Watch 3 that can be used to make FaceTime calls or for taking selfies as some people consider it as more like a habit. FaceTime audio call is a famous feature from Apple so it is possible to be available. Micro-LED display will return but with a sharper, brighter, and lighter screen. The support for 3G or 4G is predicted to be added to the Apple Watch 3 to make it more autonomous from using iPhone. However, this rumor may not be true as Apple is known to have strategy to connect their devices as much as possible. The new Apple Watch 3 Release Date may not be available in short distance as Apple has just released the latest Apple Watch. So, we could just focus to the owning the current watch.

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