Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Comparison: Choosing The Best Tracker

If you are on the market to choose the best fitness watch, you might consider choosing between Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR. They both among the best choices from Fitbit and choosing one can be challenging. This article compares their main features to get a better picture of which one is better for you.

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Display

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Display

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Display

You can see the Surge screen visibly in almost any time as it comes equipped with a backlight on the LCD touchscreen. Texts, missed calls and other smartphone notifications can be seen other than calories burned or steps taken. It allows you to pause and skip songs from your smartphone. In contrast, there is an OLED display on the Charge HR that shows missed calls and daily stats, but won’t show texts. Seeing the screen in particular lighting can be difficult it doesn’t come with a backlight. Advanced capabilities of the Surge make it the winner in this category though you can see your statistics on both.

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Battery Life

It takes 1-2 hours to charge fully the Surge and a single charge can last for up to seven days thanks to its lithium-polymer battery. You can fully charge the Charge HR’s lithium-polymer battery in less than two hours that lasts up to five days. Here you can see that the Surge is the clear winner with the extra two days of battery life.

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Dimension

The Charge comes in three size options: small, large and extra-large just like the Surge with quite similar in sizing. However, the Surge comes in at 32 grams while the Charge HR coming in at 30 which weighs less so the Charge HR takes the lead here in Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR.

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Water Resistance

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Display

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Display

Both watches cannot be used for swimming though you can wear them in the shower or wet so they are tie in this category.

Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR Band

The Surge has a thicker, chunkier band that is heavier than the Charge HR to accommodate the LCD screen. Normally seen in sports watches, an elastomer material is used that makes it lightweight and elastic. It won’t perturb your move as it bends with your wrist. Black is the only color option. Charge HR flexes and moves smoothly thanks to an elastomer material and black and plum is available color option. In this Fitbit Surge Vs Charge HR category, the Charge HR is the winner since it has more color options and lighter.

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