Vector Watch Faces Types And Features

Announced at the Baselworld watch show this year, the Vector Watch became one of the best new watches in the market. The chic, non-technological design and 30-day battery life are two reasons why this Romanian-British startup-made wearable stands out from the crowd. It is buyers to decide whether the watches can serve as its boast. Vector Watch Faces are some of features available on the app to personalize the look of the watch.


OS of Vector Watch

OS of Vector Watch

The OS of Vector Watch is built from the scratch by the company to be power-saving. Bluetooth connection can be used to connect the Vector Watch to iOS or Android mobile devices. The app installed on the mobile device can be used to control the Vector Watch. The app features the watch maker section that show varying levels of information and can be scrolled through to change the Vector Watch Faces including analogue and digital styles. The Vector Watch store allows you to download additional watch faces using the app and you can use the physical buttons to change the face.

You can add stock market information, weather, and number of steps you have taken to the Streams section to customize the faces. You can glance at the watch while getting a quick update on your fitness or calories burned off by drag and drop the streams onto the watch face using the Vector Watch app. Third parties may add their own streams as the system is made available by the company and Vector Watch has made only not many streams at the moment. However, there are disadvantages due to the stripped-back characteristic of the apps. The watch faces may not show streams on their own settlement. You can also display a limited amount of information. There is only a non-specific time when the weather forecast predicts the temperature.

Vector Watch Faces Hardware

Vector Watch Faces types

vector watch types

The design language of technology is not the focus of the Vector Watch as the world of analogue watches look and feel is what you can see on the watch. There are two versions Vector Watch, the rectangular-faced Meridien and the round-faced Luna, while different external strap and case options are available. The Vector Watch has a rather chunky 4 cm across large face. It may feel too large for those with smaller hand or female though there are many men’s watches out there are bigger. It uses Gorilla Glass 3 for the Vector Watch Faces so it should endure well against scratching or knocking


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